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Shdatarescue provides easy, practical and interactive software solutions to resolve different Email Management, Data Recovery, and Data Migration software solutions, right on your fingertips.

About Us

Who we are

Shdatarescue is one of the leading organizations dealing in Recovery and Management which was founded in 2018. We provide software for email migration, data recovery, database management, and freeware tools. We have millions of customers across the globe who are provoking us to come up with some more innovations. We had already designed many tools for data recovery and it just not the end. A new day brings us a new creation.

We believe in Quality rather than in Quantity. The quality of the product we provide is more important to us than the number of products we sell. Our sales aim is 100 % consumer satisfaction. We want to become the topmost company of IT Software Provider and serve our customers with our outstanding services. Every customer is important to us and we want our customers to avail of the reliable product at an economical cost.

Why Choose Shdatarescue?

Authentic Profession Connection

At Shdatarescue, we focus on strengthening life-long business relations by providing software solutions that are authentic and reliable to use.

100% Secure Products

All Softwares at Shdatarescue are certified and free from any virus and malware. All products undergo accurate testing and are entirely safe to use by all.

Devoted to 24x7 Tech Support

Our tech support team is available 24/7 round the time to providing full support and fixing your software working queries, procurement, and after-sales inquiries.

Exploring Superiority

We are forever ready to assist our clients in the best feasible way. For that, we keep ourselves modernized with the latest technological headways and keep innovating ourselves. We are always enthusiastic to take new hurdles and victual to users’ needs and necessities.