How to Export Emails from Gmail to PST on Local PC / Computer

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Are you looking for the solutions to export Emails from Gmail to PST on Local PC/Computer/Hard drive? If yes, then this guide will be the right place for you that provides all the answers to your concern. Go ahead for a better understanding.

Reasons for exporting Gmail emails to PST

Most of the population uses Gmail nowadays because of its free and fast services. Also, it is a well-known application that provides more storage space and known for the best cloud computing example. But Gmail emails sometimes get accidentally deleted from your inbox because of vulnerable cyber attacks. That’s why users want to export Gmail to PST file. Lots of users want to keep their copy of .pst file into a local PC or computer or hard drive. Even after any deletion, this copy will remain on your system.

Some PST file important features

  • PST files can be easily moved from one system to another by users, and data can be exported to an external storage device. Later, this .pst file will be imported into Outlook, and users will receive their data.
  • The security feature added to it can easily prevent unauthorized access to the PST file. It means that the user can create a strong password protected PST file.

Now, let us begin with the procedure to convert Gmail to PST file. 

How to Export Gmail Emails to Outlook PST File with a DIY approach?

Method 1: Choosing Import/Export Option

Follow these steps below for Outlook 2016/2013 to export emails from Gmail to PST on Local PC/computer/Hard Drive:

  1. Launch Outlook application first then choose File menu.
  2. After that choose the Add Account option.
  3. Then a  new Auto Account Setup page will open, enter your name, Gmail address, and password to it and then select Next.
  4. Hit on Finish. 
  5. After that, you will see Outlook get sync with your Gmail account. All emails from your Gmail account will appear in Outlook.
  6. Next, select the File menu and navigate to Open & Export option >> Import/Export.
  7. file menu
  8. Then select Export to a file option >>Next.
  9. import export wizard
  10. Next, select Outlook Data File (.pst) option >> Next.
  11. export a file
  12. Choose the account from which you want to export the data by choosing the name and Gmail address. Also, check the Include subfolders checkbox that will copy the complete data or mails. Select Next. 
  13. select folder to export
  14. At last, click on the Browse button to choose the saving location and to name the PST file. Select “Don not export duplicate items”. Choose Finish.
  15. save exported file

These manual steps will transfer emails from Gmail to Outlook 2016/2013 on your PC. 

Method 2: Using Google Takeout & MBOX Converter

Google takeout always export Gmail adat into MBOX format. Let us start with this conversion. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Convert Gmail Emails into MBOX format

  • Initially login to your Gmail account and then visit this URL
  • A new page will open from there go to “Select Data to Include”. Hit on “Deselect All”. Then scroll down and search and select the “Mails” option only.

Notice: Here you will many options, you have to select them according to your needs. Here we only take Gmail email backup using Google Takeout by choosing the Mails option.

  • Click on MBOX format button and after this will see the Gmail email gets converted into MBOX format.
  • You can select the data that you want to export from Gmail Emails. For this, you have to hit on “All Data Included” and choose as per your need.
  • Press the Next Step button.
  • You will see a page of Customize Archive format. Here you will find 5 methods to export Google Takeout emails. Choose  “Send Download Link Via Email”
  • Now, you can export data in .zip and .tgz. Choose .zip.
  • Select  “Archive Size” (1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10 GB and 50GB) based on your requirement. It is 2GB(by default).
  • Hit on “Create Archive”.
  • Then the archive will start. Wait for its completion, hit on the “Download” button or check your mail and download the data.

Step 2: Convert MBOX to PST

Use MBOX Converter utility to directly convert MBOX files exported from Google takeout into PST format quickly. This utility will easily convert MBOX files in bulk as well. No data loss will occur during the conversion. It takes no time and offers a user-friendly GUI. 


We have explained why to Export Emails from Gmail to PST on Local PC first, then how exporting Gmail emails to PST process can be done manually. With this manual approach, a direct method also provided for final conversion into PST format.

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