How do I Save Hotmail Emails to My hard Drive- A Perfect Solution

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How do I save Hotmail emails to my hard drive? Are you facing the same issue? If yes, then you are landed at the right place where you will find all the required solutions to your query. This guide will tell you all the steps that need to be followed for saving Hotmail emails to a hard drive.

Why to Backup Hotmail to Hard Drive?

Hotmail is now known as It always at the forefront of webmail services. It is also vulnerable to hacking incidents like other internet services. Because of its advanced security feature, users prefer Hotmail to manage their emails. As we all know nothing is secure in today’s world. So, it’s becoming important to keep Hotmail backup so that if any hacking happens, a backup is already available with you.

Now, after knowing the necessity of Hotmail backup its time to know the procedure backup Hotmail emails to Hard drive 

Learn How do I Save Hotmail Emails to my Hard Drive Manually

There are some free manual ways given below for saving emails of to Hard Drive. Follow the below steps:

  • Initially, sign in to your Hotmail account on a browser.
  • Then to take a  backup of, open an email.
  • Go to message’s header area and search the down arrow next to Reply. 
  • Now, choose the option of View message source


  • You can right-click on the context menu, and select the View message source option. 
  • Wait for the source code of the message to open and then perform the following steps: 

For Windows: 

Press Ctrl+A key simultaneously and then press Ctrl+C to copy the selected code. 

For Mac: 

Press Command +A key and press Command+C key to choose and copy the message source on the Mac OS platform.

If your browser allows to directly save a selected email source code in EML format. Then follow the below steps:

  • Visit File tab >> Save As in the email message source tab 
  • Then provide a name to the file followed by a .eml extension.
  • For saving purposes, mainly browsers only allow .html or .htm extensions. So recheck the file extension to be of.EML type 
  • Hit on Continue and save the message file to any path on your hard drive.

If your browser does not allow for saving a file in EML format then follow the below steps:

  • Start any plain text editor, such as the Notepad program, once you have copied the source message code
  • Make a new text document 
  • Press the Ctrl+V key on Windows or Command+V for Mac system. This command will then paste the copied content 
  • Finally, using .eml extension, save the text document on your hard drive.

These are the manual methods to solve the query “how do I save Hotmail emails to my hard drive”. But this method only works for single email messages. It does not allow backup multiple emails at a time. Some limitations of this method are given below:

Limitations of Manual Method

  • You need to repeat the same steps again and again for every email which consumes more time. 
  • It becomes a very lengthy process to download Hotmail emails to Hard Drive. 
  • There are many complexities occur during the backup process.
  • The speed of execution becomes very low.
  • Technical knowledge required for using this method.

Therefore, you can use a professional tool to directly and quickly backup Hotmail emails to hard drives. ShDataRescue Hotmail Backup Tool is an excellent solution if you want to backup Hotmail to Hard drive

End Thoughts

We have given here the importance of backing up Hotmail emails to a Hard drive. Also, we explained all possible solutions to the user query “How do I Save Hotmail Emails to my Hard Drive”. At last, if the user faces any issue with manual methods then he/she can go with any of the professional tools that best suits this process. Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful.

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