How to delete thousands of emails from Yahoo?

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Several Users have a pile of emails and have no idea how to delete thousands of emails from Yahoo?  Well, it is quite normal among the Yahoo users whose mailbox is flooded every day with multiple emails. Out of which there will be a list of unread emails that users don’t want to read. These emails slowly-slowly occupy the space and until you know it already makes a gigantic form. Now, to remove these emails manually will take forever. Fortunately, Yahoo has already provided some options to delete these files immediately. So, just get ready to know them all by reading this article line by line. Here, I will discuss different procedures that one can use with ease. So, let’s get started. 

How to Delete Thousands of Emails from Yahoo by Manual Tips and Tricks?

Method 1: Eliminate All Yahoo Emails via Yahoo Mail

Users cannot delete their emails altogether in Yahoo. Thus, users have to delete the emails one by one or can delete the whole mailbox. In this too, only a few emails can be eliminated at a single time and one can perform the deletion process page-wise only. If one wants to know the details for deleting all emails on Yahoo. Then follow the instructions given below. 

  • First, choose the emails one by one by inspecting the square box available near the sender’s name.
  • Select the Delete option to remove them. Still, it will retain emails in the Trash folder.
  • Instead, choose for the Select All option and delete it.

Or, if the user is using the latest version of Yahoo then follow these mentioned steps:

  • Move to the Smart Views drop-down menu on the left side of the window from the main page.
  • Then, open Smart Views, and visit Unread. This feature will filter out all read messages and collect the unread messages from all folders.
  • Now, hit on the Select All checkbox (the one above all the individual ones) to tick all the emails.
  • Finally, tap the Delete button with the trash can icon to remove all emails.

By doing this, the user can move all their unread emails to the Trash folder. If the user wants it permanently, then use these simple steps-

 Visit the Trash and choose All Emails and delete them from there.

Method 2. Try the option “clean your inbox” 

In this method, users can move all emails in their inbox to the archive folder. One can opt for this method by –

  1. Visiting your Yahoo Mail page, then tap on the dropdown arrow located next to Inbox.
  2. Choose the “Clean your inbox” option. Now, a message will display, from here tap on the Archive Emails blue button. Then, wait for a second or while as it depends on the number of emails you’ve got. 
  3. Next, tap the Archive folder located on the left to see if all your emails are stored here or not. 

This method takes less time and is quite quick. Now, the user’s emails are located there and your inbox is cleared now. Thus, users can restore all of their emails whenever they want.

Method 3: Try Thunderbird to delete All Yahoo Emails

If the user is using Thunderbird as an email client for their email accounts. Then, he can use these detailed steps to delete all Yahoo emails at once.

Point to Remember: If a user has to add their Yahoo Mail account into a third-party email client (like Thunderbird). Then, they have to permit it in your Yahoo account. Or, Yahoo will not accept to sync with your Thunderbird app. If one wants to enable it, then visit the Yahoo Account Security, and enable the toggle “Allow apps that use the less secure sign in.”

Once the settings get completed, then start these steps for deleting the emails.

  1. First, open Thunderbird and choose one of your existing email accounts in the left panel. Then, in the Create a new account section, tap on Email.
  2. Tap on Skip this and utilize my existing email, and type your Yahoo email address and password.
  3. Now, tap on Continue.
  4. When the user connects their Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird, visit its inbox folder on the left panel. Then, tap on the Get Messages button. By doing this, it will sync your Yahoo Mail with Thunderbird. But if the user has a bunch of files, then downloading all your email headers may take time.
  5. Press Ctrl+A to choose all your emails in the folder in Inbox.
  6. Finally, tap on the Archive button in case you want to archive the messages. 
  7. Or tap the Delete button to permanently delete them.

However, deleting these mails will not fulfil all the work. The emails will remain in the Trash when deleting Yahoo inbox at a time. Thus, one should remove it from Trash, then it suggests the need to hard-delete from the user account. 

Last Remark

Users can easily understand how to delete thousands of emails from Yahoo? by reading this article. These manual approaches are quite easy to use. If users face difficulty in the future, then they can freely use these approaches. I hope you now know the different approaches when you want to delete several emails. 

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