How To Manage Large PST Files On Mac Outlook 16/13/10 Using PST Splitter For Mac?

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Microsoft Outlook user must be aware of the PST aka Personal Storage Table file format. MS Outlook uses PST files to store Outlook data in a structured manner. These PST files are of different sizes that store user’s data with other attachments. But handling large size pst files is not much easy as it appears. Large size pst files sometimes create issues with the Outlook application. So in this blog, we will discuss how to manage large pst files on Mac OS. And also we will cover how to split pst files of Outlook by using PST splitter for Mac.

PST File Size Limit On Mac

Outlook PST file stores email messages and other mailbox items of MS Outlook. PST file is categorized into two varieties ANSI and UNICODE. The default PST file for every Outlook 2002 and earlier version user is ANSI and it has a size limit of up to 2 GB of data. If it exceeds the size limit then most of the time it gets prone to corruption. Talking about the UNICODE PST file, it defaults used by MS Outlook 2002 and later versions. It stores up to 20 to 50 GB of Outlook data.

Now the question is why there is a need to break the large PST file into smaller parts? Well to get the answer read through the below part of this blog.

When we reach beyond the size of the PST file then MS Outlook popup a notification message which states filename.pst has reached its maximum limit. Due to which Outlook application performance lowers. So to avoid such issues with the MS Outlook it is always recommended to split large sized pst files into smaller parts. There are some other reasons also which defines the need to break large Outlook PST file into smaller parts such as:

  1. To increase Outlook application performance.
  2. To avoid corruption in PST files.
  3. It is easier to handle data in small parts rather than handling it in bulk.

How to manage large pst files on Mac OS?

Microsoft offers no in-built technique to handle the large-sized PST files. However, there are other certain approaches, which one can opt to split oversized pst files into smaller parts. Let’s have a look at the manual approach to managing large Outlook pst files:

#Method 1: Using option Import and Export

  1. Firstly, launch MS Outlook on your system.
  2. Click the File Tab button and choose Account Settings -> Account Setting option.
  3. Click on Data Files Tab from the new dialog box and click the Add button.
  4. ‘Create or Open Outlook Data File window will appear now. Here, choose the file name and the location of the PST file.
  5. Click the OK button and exit from the Account Setting window.
  6. Now select the option on File >> Open >> Import.
  7. Here the Import Export window will appear now. Select Export  -> Next.
  8. Now, choose the PST file and click Next to proceed split large PST file procedure.
  9. Now Expand Folder wizard will appear. Here, select the folder or subfolder export from and click the Next button.
  10. Choose a saving destination location to save this new PST file.
  11. Select a suitable option and click on the Finish button.
  12. A new window will pop up. Here create a password to protect PST else hit the cancel button.
  13. A new PST file is created now, view it via MS Outlook.

#Method 2: Using PST Archive Feature

  1. Open MS Outlook application on your computer.
  2. Choose the PST file from which you want to remove data a new file.
  3. Then, hit the File tab and pick the Archive option.
  4. Archive the selected folder and all subfolders wizard will be shown now.
  5. Here, choose all the folders that are required to swift.
  6. Archive items older than option will be displayed, pick any date from the calendar.
  7. Save this file in a user-defined location and provide a name to it.
  8. Finally, hit the OK button and a new PST file has been created at the preferred location.

#Method 3: Using Expert Tool

The manual methods have some demerits like the user may lose the data permanently, secondly, the manual tricks are time-consuming and most importantly the user needs to be a technical expert to perform these manual tricks. So if any of the demerits occurs then it is recommended to use the automated method. Here we suggest you, use the Mac PST Splitter tool which is designed with advanced algorithms to split large pst files without any data loss. And it also has user-friendly GUI which doesn’t require prior tech knowledge to access the software.

Time to conclude

How to manage large pst files using PST splitter for Mac? we have covered the complete topic in this blog. We covered the manual methods to split large pst files into smaller parts. If the manual tricks didn’t work for you then you should try the professional Mac PST Splitter by ShDataRescue. It is an advanced tool that can smoothly break large size pst files into smaller parts without any data alteration or data misalignment. So now it’s totally your call. Till then keep reading.

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