Two methods to increase the attachment size in Office 365

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Do you want to know the procedure by which you can increase attachment size in Office 365? It is quite normal among the users who want to stretch the attachment size in Office 365.

As we all know that the maximum message size for messages Office 365 is 25MB due to the short size of email text, it limits the maximum size of the attachment.
But you can alter the maximum message size for the single mailbox in Office 365 Admin Center or PowerShell. In this blog, I will explain two manual methods to make the mail attachment size larger in Office 365.

So let’s start with the manual methods

Manual Methods to Increase Mail Attachment Size in Office 365

  • Increase Attachment Size in Office 365 through Exchange Admin center

You can increase the size of the mail attachment by Exchange Admin Center. All you have to do is to follow these steps that are mentione below:

  1. Login your Office 365 admin account then visit >> Admin >>Admin Center >> Exchange.
  2. Then, the admin center window will display on the screen >>recipients>> mailbox then visit the “…” sign and tap on the Set default message size restriction option.
  3. When you tap, a new pop up will be shown on the screen, and have to type the size in KB. And tap on the Ok

Note: you can use the same process for the multiple mailboxes after that choose the multiple user’s mailboxes>> Bulk Edit pane under Message Size Restrictions>>Update.

Note: you can customize a single user mailbox by the other process

Admin Center>> recipients>> mailboxes, here you require to choose a user’s mailbox. After that tap on the edit icon, >> message Size Restrictions>> then, tap on the view details and provide the maximum message size.

  • Increase Office 365 attachment size in Office 365 through PowerShell Command

Another most common method that is widely used by organizations. You can follow these steps to easily perform the whole process.

  • First, log in to the Office 365 account via PowerShell $Cred=Get-Credential

Then, you have to type the above command and tap on the Enter key. Then, type your both Office 365 username and password.

  • After you login to Office 365 then you have to type the command which is mentione below.

$Session=New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $Cred -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection

  • Then, again type the given command so that you can import the PSSession

Import-PSSession $Session

  • Now, you can choose the below command as per your need.
  1. First of all, upgrade the single mailbox Set-Mailbox -Identity -MaxSendSize 100MB -MaxReceiveSize 100MB
  2. Then, Upgrade the numerous mailboxes (“user1”,” user 2”,” user”)|%{Set-Mailbox -Identity $_-MaxSendSize 100MB-MaxReceiveSize 100MB}
  3. After that, Upgrade the entire mailboxes Get-Mailbox | Set-Mailbox -MaxSendSize 100 MB -MaxReceiveSize 100 MB
  4. At last, Upgrade the default mailbox settings (that will be beneficial for the mailbox in the future) Get-MailboxPlan | Set-MailboxPlan -MaxSendSize 100MB -MaxReceiveSize 100MB.

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This blog mainly provides solutions to Increase Attachment Size in Office 365. Users can use any one of the following methods to enhance the size of the attachment in Office 365. The maximum size that Office 365 works for both textual and attachments is limited. Hence, many users have to face many problems because of this issue. As many users don’t know the ways or methods by which they can increase the attachment size easily. So this blog tells two methods that will be proved to be boon for its users.

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