Resolve Apple Mac Mail Not Syncing With Gmail Issue

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Mac Mail aka Apple Mail and Gmail both are used for communication via sending and receiving emails. They are so widely famous and globally used email clients they don’t require any introduction. Now the question is does apple mail sync with Gmail? And the answer is YES. But, some users asking that how to sync Gmail with mac mail as recently Gmail sync is currently experiencing problems. And therefore apple mac mail not syncing with Gmail. So to resolve this Gmail not syncing between iPhone and Mac issue we have come up with this technical essay. So read it till the end.

Major Causes behind Apple Mail Not Syncing With Gmail Problem

It is hard to know that there can be multiple reasons why Gmail is not working on Mac. We can not resolve all the causes together but learning these reasons will help you to resolve this mac mail not syncing with Gmail error on your computer. Let’s have a look.

A few points why Gmail waiting to sync with Apple Mail:

  • An issue in Server.
  • Internet connection problem.
  • Ensure IMAP is enabled ON.
  • Check Apple mail Gmail settings during the syncing process.
  • Mac Mail and Gmail applications must be up to date.

Check & ensure the above-mentioned points and find out why mac mail not working with Gmail syncing process. If you are able to catch the true cause for your problem then try to fix it as mentioned above. So before going for another technique to fix apple mail Gmail not working trouble kindly try to fix the above-discussed causes and see if they worked for you. If not then read further.

Advanced Solution for Mac Mail Not Syncing With Gmail Problem

Now here we will discuss some other methods and tricks to fix this Gmail not syncing on iPhone and Mac problem. Go through it.

  • For iPhone user:

If you are an iPhone user and trying to fix why iPhone mail not syncing with Gmail then follow the curated steps wisely.

  1. Switch Off – Switch ON or Restart your iPhone:
    Sometimes big problems have small and easy solutions. So if it is an issue from your phone then simply restart it. Doing this ends a lot of functioning and processes on the phone that are responsible for this email syncing problem. Therefore it fixes the syncing issues.
  2. Re-check Push Setting
    Here is another part regarding this apple mail emails syncing issue with Gmail i.e incorrect Push settings. Many times, the Push settings are configured in a way that the sync will occur if only you perform it manually. So, if you were not knowledgeable about it, let’s know how to fix it:
  • Open the Settings.
  • In Settings, navigate Passwords & Accounts in the menu.
  • Now look for Fetch New Data.
  • Choose Gmail and finally click on Fetch.
  • After that open the App and refresh the page. The sync should be accomplished.
  • For PC/Laptop Users:

Follow these methods to fix apple mail is not syncing across devices issue if you are using PC or Laptop.

Try to Change Gmail Security Settings

It is possible that there may be issues from Gmail sides, resolving them will surely help you fixing mac mail not syncing with Gmail concern.

  1. Go to Google’s Myaccount page using the link:
  2. go to my account
  3. From the left panel of the screen menu, click Security tab.
  4. click security tab
  5. On the new security page, look for the Less secure app access option.
  6. less secure app
  7. You will see that the access if OFF by default. Make it ON.
  8. turn on
  9. Now when finished with all the steps, check the status of your emails.
  10. finished step

Try Login as a “Test” User

It is not a complete solution but an intelligent trick for managing things provisionally if there is some server issue. Let’s implement it:

  1. Navigate to the System Preferences.
  2. Now in System Preferences, look for User and Groups and create a new test user.
  3. After that, logout from your machine, and log in again, but with the test user, we have just created.
  4. Once started, it is recommended to skip all of the app installments if asked and directly go on to sign in to the Mail.

If this approach works for you just fine, this means that there is no issue with Mail or syncing. There is some app that is obstructing the syncing process. Hence, when you log in to your system as the original user, start removing any recently installed app after which you started facing the issue.

Delete the Account and Setup Again

If still the issues continue and none of the above recommendations worked for you, then you may need to remove the account and set up again with Mail. Performing this will forever eliminate all of the traces of the account configuration. If you are concerned about your Gmail account, then don’t bother, your Gmail data and messages will be safe.

Backup Gmail Data:

If you are assuming that deleting your account may lead to missing your valuable data, be prepared by taking backups of Gmail data. Well, not just the removal of the account, in fact, there are many more circumstances that may lead to data loss. Don’t trouble, we have got your back! ShDataRescue Gmail Backup Tool is such an expert tool for the same. This tool backs up single/multiple IMAP mailboxes and will easily backup all your Gmail mailbox data to the computer in no time. This tool comes with a lot of excellent features including advanced filters. Grasping your data safe in the original form, this tool backs up every single email without making your system slow or lag. The utility easily backup Gmail emails to outlook. Try this tool for free and back up up to 50 items per folder.

Time to Sum up:

So we have discussed the syncing issue iPhone or Apple PC users are facing with Gmail. We have mentioned the causes of why mac mail not syncing with Gmail issue and provided some suitable solutions. Email accounts and their safety is our priority and hence there should always be backups for your Gmail data.

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