How to manage PST files without Outlook

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Summary: As you know most of the time we face issues in opening a PST data file, this is because our computer doesn’t have MS Outlook. In such circumstances, reading PST data files creates big problems. So that’s the reason why we have to know about the different techniques to manage PST files without Outlook. This blog describes all the possible methods and makes you understand the ways.

Let’s Imagine the circumstances where if you want to access a PST file but due to some problem or technical glitch your Outlook is not working then manage PST files in Outlook 2016 is difficult. To make the issue very easy, here we are with different methods to access PST data files without MS Outlook. In such conditions we have to convert the PST data file into another format and so that we are easily able to read them.

Here we suggest you three manual methods to open PST data file without the use of MS Outlook are below:

  • By altering the conversion of PST to TXT
  • Through altering the conversion of PST to HTML
  • By exporting of PST data files to Gmail

Next, we start with the manual method to open a PST file without using Outlook.

How to manage PST files without Outlook using manual methods?

The following are the different methods to open PST are:

Method 1: By altering the conversion of PST to TXT

If you don’t have an MS Outlook OST file and want to send PST data to another colleague then simply do it by converting all the PST data files to TXT format. So that people get easy access to that file. Process for PST to TEXT format are:

  • Turn on the MS Outlook, and sort out the respective mails from the mailbox for converting it to Text format.
  • After selecting the mails and choosing the File option from the top corner.
  • Then, from the file Menu tab, enter the “Save As”, from the drop-down menu options click Text format.
  • Save the respective file in the selected destination of your hard disk,
  • Now, you can send the converted PST data file to other people easily.
  • As steps describe the method 1st, now we switch to the 2nd method.

Method 2: By altering PST file to HTML

  1. Turn on the MS Outlook on your computer and sort out the mails from the mailbox, then press on the file tab option.
  2. Enter the Save As icon to convert the PST data File as HTML.
  3. Now, your file gets converted.
  4. Steps describe the 2nd method, now we switch to the 3rd method.

Method 3: By exporting PST data file to Gmail

  • Gmail is the universal email client, so the user can easily convert the PST data file to Gmail
  • Turn on the Google app migration tool and sort out all PST files
  • Then click the import option
  • Select OK

This is the different manual methods to access PST data files without manage PST files in Outlook 2013 and if you want a direct and faster professional solution, then we recommend using the PST Repair tool as it allows users to open, read, edit and access PST files, that allows users to access all your contacts, calendars, emails, journal entries, and many more things. Those who don’t know the technical execution can also use it very easily.
Now, we talk about some features of the PST Repair tool as follows:

  • It can also read the contents of UNICODE PST data and ANSI data without using the MS Outlook.
  • The utility tool also supports damaged PST data files.
  • It provides an outstanding property which helps users to save and import all their mailbox-like tasks, calendars, emails, contacts of selected PST files into HTML.
  • The tool also has the quickest scanning features for viewing the PST data file as compared to different software
  • It has an auto-detection option to auto-detect file features like file size, file type, and many more things. However, it also supports both UNICODE and ANSI PST data file formats.


In this blog, we discuss different steps by step manual techniques and methods to manage PST files without Outlook and also suggest you go with a professional tool solution approach for a better and faster experience. This much information in the blog helps users to choose the best and suitable option for them to repair corrupt Outlook PST files with two microsoft utilities? .

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