Why Office 365 Security is Required for Users? Learn Here!

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Securing any account is the first thing that comes up in your mind before using it. If you are an Office 365 user, you must have heard issues about its security that cloud-based services are also vulnerable to malware attacks. If you want to secure Office 365 account, then this is a perfect guide for you. Follow us till the end if you need Office 365 security!

Every organization uses this cloud-based application to keep their data at ease. Lots of data get to save on Cloud by organizations, so it becomes a challenging task to secure mailboxes from malware or any other cyber threats. Here, we will focus on the possible measures for Office 365 data security.

Increase Office 365 Security with Following Steps

Follow the below steps to secure Office 365 emails

Enable Secure Mail Flow Feature

Always enable the secure mail flow feature in Exchange Online Protection. After this, you will achieve certainty about each email sender’s identity. Furthermore, this will protect each meaningful conversation and even your files against any viruses, malware, etc.

Establish Office 365 Cloud App Security

Establish strategies to identify unappealing actions in compliance with your business requirements, and launch programs to test them. Use Office 365 Cloud App Security to set up notification alerts that allow admins to investigate unusual or abnormal user activity. Activities i.e downloading large data files, repeated unsuccessful sign-in attempts, or sign-in from unknown or dangerous IP addresses.

Setting up SPF Enablement

Office 365 users always get directed when he/she is setting up Office 365 application. The instructions are given to configure DNS with Office 365. SPF is the different record type that is used to notify other carriers whether the email is from an authenticated or protected system. SPF should always kept to stop spoofing. Therefore, setting up SPF(Sender Protection Framework), DKIM, and DMARC will be helpful to secure Office 365 emails.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Configuration

Data Loss Prevention Configuration (DLP) helps you to define classified data and devise policies that prevent users from sharing the data with external users. For preventing users from non-complying with the policies, DLP operates through Office 365, including SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and OneDrive. DLP helps to wipe out the risk of accidental data sharing with the unknown user.

Mailbox Audit logging Implementation

This feature allows you to access the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center audit log for checking that who signed in to your mailbox. It can also give information about actions carried out by an authorized person, the owner of the mailbox, or an administrator. Audit logging by mailbox is not enabled by default. You can trigger the audit logging function for all user mailboxes inside Office 365 by installing Exchange Online PowerShell.

Using Customer Lockbox

As an Office 365 administrator, you can introduce a Customer Lockbox feature to monitor Microsoft support engineer’s access to your data during any Technical Troubleshooting session. Customer Lockbox allows you to deny or accept the entry requests. The Engineer can only access the mailbox data upon the administrator’s approval. When the problem is once fix then the request gets close.

Use Office 365 Secure Score

Microsoft’s Office 365 security analytics tool and Secure Score describes the risk reduction approaches used in Office 365. Secure Score tests the configurations and activities of your Office 365 and then makes a comparison with Microsoft’s security level and gives you a score. The introduction of a range of enhanced security measures that Microsoft provides us is a feasible way to begin.

These all are the methods that you can perform manually for O365 security. But, by using these methods, it is not sure that your whole data get secure. For this, you can choose Office 365 Backup utility to protect your data. This software helps you to download Office 365 mails as backup and later that backup can be restored using the utility if any data loss or mishappening occurs. It helps in backing up data like Emails, Contacts, Schedule Meetings, and Calendars of the Office365 account. So, you can try this method for backing up your data to prevent it from loss. 

Final Thoughts

Most users are concerned about Office 365 security. As a result, we have provided a proper solution here that helps with Office 365 data security. Here every possible way in detail and also a direct way to quickly backup and rebuild Office 365 mails is here. We hope that you find this guide helpful to protect your Office 365 account, and if you have any further queries or questions regarding Office 365, then you can drop that in the comment section. We will love to help you out.

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