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Does Outlook Inbox Repair Tool keeps popping up on your screen? Then, here you will get a solution to get rid of this error.

Through this guide, we will discuss different approaches to fix the error – Outlook Inbox Repair tool keeps coming up. MS Outlook tries to keep everything in control but even after that, it counters many inconsistencies. Out of these inconsistencies, one of them is this error. Users generally face this error while using the inbuilt repair utility. Users can use inbuilt repair utility but later, it gets irritating if the frequency of messages increases. It is also seen that many users during repairing, may counter issues in accessing the files.

However, if someone faces this error, Microsoft Outlook advises using the built-in “Inbox Repair Tool”. This utility can fix any corrupted or damaged files on the program. But this utility applies only to small size PST files and is unable to fix the large size PST files. Thus, to disable Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair tool, one can utilize manual or alternative solutions.

Why do users face“Outlook inbox repair tool keeps appearing” Error?

This error generally occurs during working on the inbox repair utility to eliminate the minor problems in Outlook PST. The users receive a notification message that states that the utility is unable to respond. When the user wants to initiate the fixing procedure, then immediately the tool will get stopped. Thus, it is unable to repair the input PST File. To repair this error, users have to find the main cause of this issue. They can either use the manual approach or can use the alternative solution.

But before proceeding further, let’s look at the possibilities that can be helpful to repair the error. The two main possibilities that cause the error – Outlook Inbox Repair Tool keeps popping up are discussed below-

  • Issue with file Size
    This is the frequent reason that causes problems between the users. Many users sometimes exceed their PST file size limitations. This can be a troublesome situation for anyone as there is a definite file size format in the Outlook platform. Therefore, the inbuilt repair utility requires lesser space in the platform. If the inbuilt utility is unable to repair the Large size PST file, then it will send the message stating- Outlook Inbox Repair tool keeps coming up
  • Due to the Major Corruption issue
    Outlook PST File generally gets damage due to hardware and software variability. The inbuilt Inbox utility is limited to repair only minor corruption issues. Thus, whenever, the corruption occurs in the PST file in larger amounts or files gets highly corrupted. In this situation, the inbuilt utility scanpst.exe will keep failing and the error will keep occurring.

Solve the Error “Outlook Inbox Repair Tool keeps popping up” by Manual Procedures

Manual approaches are inbuilt applications that are available free to use. Thus, whenever users face any issue, then they prefer the manual approach first. There are manual approaches that can be helpful to users.

  • Utilize Inbox Repair Tool

We all know that Outlook personal folder (PST) is vulnerable to various forms of corruption and storage issues. One can use this Inbox Repair Tool to easily fix this issue. Users can perform this tool by using these steps:

  1. First, sign out and close the Outlook program.
  2. Now, detect and open the ScanPST.exe (Inbox Repair Tool) in the user’s local drive (C:).
  3. Then, enter the name of the file to repair, or tap on the Browse in the prompted window.
  4. Choose the target file and hit on Start to begin the repair process.
  5. Next, open Outlook and log into your account.
  6. Lastly, recover the file and store it to a new PST.
  7. As we discussed above, this procedure is only effective in repairing minor corruption. Users can’t use this tool to repair their large or oversized PST files.
  • Try to Format a PST File

If the user is unable to access their mailbox due to a PST file then, users can format it. When we say the word format then it doesn’t mean delete the file content. This simply means to convert the file from one format base to another format. The exact meaning of this is to convert the PST file from ANSI to UNICODE based PST file format. Earlier, users used ANSI (before 2003), as their base format in which Outlook PST files were usually stored. Thus, if the users have stored their PST file in ANSI based, then, to fix this error, they can convert it to the modern UNICODE format.
Users can inspect the format base by following these instructions –

  1. First, open that PST file that creating the error.
  2. Then, right-tap at the top of the folder tree (the root of the file).
  3. After that, pick the Data File Properties.
  4. Hit on the Advanced Button.
  5. Finally, the user can see at the Description.

Now, if the file format base is UNICODE, then the description will read the“Outlook Data File. In this situation, users should skip this approach. If the file format is ANSI based then, it’ll read “Outlook Data File (97-2002)”. In this situation, the user can try any of the following procedures to convert:

  1. Generate a new UNICODE based PST file. Then, make a replica of the entire content of the older ANSI based PST file into it and save.
  2. Transport or migrate the old ANSI based PST file and select to generate a new PST file in the export window.

So, these were the manual approaches to fix the error. If you are still unable to fix the issue, then there might be a problem with your PST files. PST files may become damaged due to some unknown reasons. So, don’t worry! Users can use PST Recovery to recover the maximum content from the user’s damaged or corrupt PST files. The tool efficiently carries PST Files that are generated by MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, etc.

Last words

This blog covered different procedures to fix the “ Outlook Inbox Repair Tool keeps popping up”. Also, next some reasons that lead to this error are explained in detail. Users can use the above given manual procedure to fix the error. These manual approaches are very efficient to fix this error. If they find the manual approach a little lengthy and time-consuming. Then, try an alternative tool that is mentioned above. And they can securely repair outlook corrupt PST file.

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