Easy Guide To Fix Corrupt Outlook PST When Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding.

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Usually, we found that the Inbox Repair Tool works in secondary corruption issues and repair header corruptions only. So get a solution that will help you in getting your Outlook data to file back. Even if you are facing the Microsoft Outlook Inbox repair tool not responding issue.

Microsoft Outlook is totality one of the safest email platforms. Because of its offers safety and widespread stability but still, Outlook Data File is not safe from corruption and other error. PST corruption is very popular which may strike anytime and affect your business continuity plan.                         

This guide helps you to place the Inbox Repair Tool for your version of Outlook. Moreover walks you through the repair process and gives recommendations on what to do to when the Microsoft Outlook inbox repair tool error occurs.

Preventive Steps for PST File Corruption Issues

In this section, we are going to discuss common corruption causes. So that the PST file can be made safe from corruption. Though there are a lot of safety measures in-built in Outlook. For the prevention of PST errors and a known quote “Prevention is better than cure” perfectly suites this issue. There are multiple reasons that may result in damage such as:

  • Malicious Attack by Viruses – Harmful viruses and Trojans may attack the Outlook data files and damage them. Therefore, good and genuine anti-viruses and anti-malware should be there in your computer system
  • Corruption in File Header – Damage in file header leads to the inaccessibility of the PST file. That sometimes leads to building whole corruption of the storage files and farther results inaccessibility of stored data items.
  • Improper Extermination – Terminating MS Outlook inappropriately and regularly also causes PST file corruption in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc. And hence should be withdrawn.
  • OS Re-installation – Sometimes due to the re-installation of the OS (operating system) the Outlook data files surface corruption. Therefore, as far as possible OS re-installation should be avoided.
  • Increase in PST File Size – When the storage deadline passes the PST file size, the Personal Folders are more likely to get corrupt. Hence, the storage limit sho in limitOut
  • Crash in PC/Outlook – Machine might crash at any time and if it crashes while Outlook is in running state, then PST files may get corrupt. So, take regular backups of the PST file.
  • Fault in Add-ins –The add-ins may also cause corruption to the PST file. Therefore faulty add-ins should not be there.
  • PST file Storage on a Network Share – PST files are intended to be stored on a local hard drive. Using them from a network share is not supported by Microsoft. And leads to PST corruption, data corruption, and even data loss. Hence, PST files must be used on the local hard drive.

What Is The Need for Running the Inbox Repair Tool

A usual need for running the ScanPST.exe arises when Outlook refuses to load or to open PST files and displays various errors. Screenshots of some of the error messages are given below:

  1. Can Not Begin Microsoft Outlook
  2. Repair PST file using Scanpst.
  3. Inbox Repair Tool does not Recognize.
  4. Outlook.pst is not a Personal Folder File.

Note: Although the inbuilt inbox repair tool is there to fix the issues with the outlook file but sometimes it happens that the outlook inbox repair tool not working or not responding. In that case, you need expert advice to resolve the errors in the outlook PST file. Let’s know-how.

Outlook inbox repair tool not responding – WHY?

It is a phenomenon that Scanpst.exe keeps finding issues and usually fails to repair your corrupted Outlook Personal Folders. It becomes quite a damaging process when the inbuilt utility Inbox Repair Tool not responding at all or fails to repair the corruption issue. This is because Microsoft gives facility, to repair the corrupt Personal Folders is free of cost tool that gets installed automatically with the installation of the Outlook desktop mail program on any Windows computer irrespective of the version.

Furthermore, it is available for free with all releases of MS Outlook desktop client and is the one and only inbuilt utility. That is, whichever version like Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, Microsoft Office automatically install scanpst.exe. Therefore, when it is a demand to solve errors in the Outlook PST file while Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool not working, the circumstances get really challenging. But ever thought why the .pst file gets corrupt, why the scanpst.exe fails to work, need for executing the repair tool, etc. Well, there are several causes after these. So, let’s discuss the problems in the article.

Repair PST when Outlook repair tool not working – Expert Advice

To deal with such corruption quickly MS Outlook comes with Inbuilt Repair Tool — Scanpst.exe. To some extent this inbuilt repair tool is successful, but for dangerously corrupt PST files you need assistance from third-party.

Finally, a Suggestion

For prevention from corruption issues, to save PST files from getting corrupt. So, you need a stalwart Inbox Repair Tool Choice to repair the Outlook PST file when Outlook Inbox Repair Tool not responding for Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007. A reliable application in my knowledge is the ShDataRescue Outlook PST Repair Tool to save the retrieved data after fixing corruption issues, in various common mail formats as well as in the inherent file type. You can try the Demo of the free pst repair tool.

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