Troubleshooting Steps to Fix “Outlook Stuck At Loading Profile” Error

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As many users reveal, they face problems in running Outlook 2013 on different Windows like Outlook Stuck at Loading Profiles. Therefore, here we are suggesting different ways to resolve the splash screen of Outlook 2013. So that you are easily able to run Outlook 2013 on any windows. The perfect suggestions will make the process very easy to repair the Outlook stuck splash screen.

Users face a problem sometime while opening the Outlook as it is stuck at loading profile. Due to this, Outlook loading profile remains on our system screen and it creates a hang like situation, which won’t allow them to access our mailbox or any attachments. This is the main problem faced by the users during Outlook stuck screen.

Now we will see next the reasons behind this technical error.

What are the reasons for the Issue “Outlook stuck on loading profile”?

 The reason for this technical error as follows:

  1. Outlook extension still running in the background
  2. An application such as Lync, VPN software, add-ins, etc. may be obstructed with Outlook.
  3. Non-Disability hardware graphics acceleration in the Outlook dialog option.Problem with Installation of Office 2013 SPI up-gradation to the desktop theme.
  4. PST file in Outlook gets corrupt.

That’s why we need to repair Outlook’s stuck loading profile screen, So we can easily access it.

Now, you have thought of how to repair the Outlook Stuck at Loading Profile. So here we came up with the great ideas to repair the Outlook splash screen by using two manual methods.

  1. By using the Registry editor.
  2. By using video update driver.

So that the process of resolving that technical error is very easy. Here we start with the manual methods……

How to repair Outlook stuck on splash screen using the Manual method?

There is a method to resolve Outlook stuck on the loading profile screen by manual method.

Method: Using the registry editor

  1. Open task manager and ended all the programs.
  2. Run registry editor application
  3. Press the window start button if you have windows 7, then search registry edit and select its extension file.
  4. Press Regedit at the topmost corner in search option if you have window 8 or other and select Regedit
  5. In the registry editor go on the edit menu, then press New and choose Dword.
  6. Then disable the hardware acceleration and enter okay.
  7. Shut down the registry editor
  8. Now you can open an outlook.

.If in case this method won’t work and you are still facing the same problem. Then here we need another method that will repair Outlook stuck on the profile screen.

Method: By using the update video driver

It is a process to use an updated video driver to repair the technical error. So, here you can see the method using an updated video driver.

  1. Click the setting on the home screen.
  2. Press change PC option.
  3. Choose window update.
  4. Steer to check for any update option.
  5. Then customize the driver to install what you need.
  6. After that go back to the 1st Method to remove the disable hardware acceleration option.

This manual method has some flaws as well. It takes more time to apply all the steps, slow speed for processing every step, and it also requires some technical knowledge. But if in case both the Method doesn’t work then, it may be that your Outlook PST file gets corrupted. Therefore, to save your time and complexity or to recover PST data in case it gets corrupt you can go with a professional solution. 

So, we suggest you use the PST Repair tool which has all the features to Recover all mailbox items such as Calendar, Email, Attachments, Contacts, etc. from corrupt Outlook PST files. Also, it is compatible with all the available windows and Mac versions. Even non-Tech can also be able to use it very easily.


Here, we have shown you the solution to repair Outlook Stuck at Loading Profile by two different manual approaches to give a good understanding of both the methods. Also, we have suggested you use a PST Repair tool in case your file gets corrupt to get all the recovery of the mailbox. We think this blog will help you to repair the Outlook splash screen easily.

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