How to Protect Yahoo Mail with 2 Step Authentication?

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Are you a Yahoo mail account user struggling with insecurities and wish to protect Yahoo mail with 2 step Authentication? Then, you can consider going through this article. As this how-to manual guide will provide you with a definite way to secure your Yahoo mail with Two-factor authentication.

How does 2 step authentication work?

Two-factor authorization (2FA) is formally called as 2 step verification. This is a security protocol that is necessary for gaining access to a particular mail account with the help of two profound approaches. For example, if your Amazon Prime requires two types of credentials to login into your account that is username and password respectively. Then, One-time password will be sent to your mobile device to verify whether you are the same person who you claim to be. Similarly, this is an extra way to protect your Yahoo mail in a sophisticated manner.

Is Yahoo Mail Safe 2020?

The Yahoo Mail service verifies the user. If there is suspicious login detect using the location details and the frequently used device. The user might require more than one security protocol to secure the mail account information, but only if two-step verification is turned on.
When two-step authentication is turned on, one must enter both contact number and one-time password to successfully access your Yahoo mail inbox. This way, you can protect Yahoo Mail with 2 step verification.

How do I protect Yahoo mail with 2 Step Authentication?

  • First, in the top-right corner, pick your Account icon.
  • Secondly, choose Account Info.
  • Thirdly, tap Account Security.
  • set account setting
  • Now, enable the Two-step verification mode by turning on the toggle button. If generating a third-party password toggle button is turned on, then disable it. Generating passwords is not supportive of two-factor authentication.
  • When prompted, type in a contact number. Then, pick either Send SMS or Call me to get an account verification key.
  • While entering your contact number, remember not to type any alphabetical or special characters. For example, type in 1234561234 instead of 123-456-1234 or (123) 456-1234.
  • enter phonenumber
  • Varies based on utilized approach, you’ll get a text or phone call with the activation code. Fill in the code into the popup box that displays in the following step, after one selects the mode of contact, then tap Verify.
  • enter verfication code
  • Next, if the numbers are similar, a success notification will appear on the screen. Then, generate app passwords if your account is not verified using 2 Factor authentication. Or Tap Skip for now to eliminate this process.
  • success notification
  • Point to remember: Two-step authentication will not be applicable on Yahoo Mail Mail account that is opened using POP, electronic devices, or IMAP. For these, you must generate third party application passwords.
  • From now onwards, you will be pinged every time for a verification code while logging in to the account.

If protecting Yahoo Mail using above manual approach, the user still detects hacking activity in the account. The, he/she can try using the Yahoo Backup Tool to safely backup the missing data.

Wrapping It Up:

In this article, we have gone through the security protocols to protect Yahoo Mail with 2 step authentication. And How to Download Email from Yahoo Account on Desktop. Moreover, we have shared some interesting insights into the context i.e., the meaning of the protocol, how it works, etc.

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