1. Overview

ShDataRescue EML Converter is one of the smartest and venerable applications to convert all your EML files into 15 different file formats like PDF, EMLX, MSG and MBOX, MHT, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, IMAP, Thunderbird, txt, Zimbra and so on. The software has been composed of an advanced conversion algorithm and with a simplistic and comfortable to understand GUI. So, even an amateur user can also use it without any technological support.

Key Features:

  • Securely transform all your EML files into different other file formats.
  • Switch your data without any data loss or data misalignment.
  • Support conversion of mass files.
  • Support the conversion of emails with all their attachments.
  • Let users preview their data in their original folder hierarchy.
  • Seamlessly change your data into 15 different file formats.
  • Allow users to rename the imported files & data.
  • Loaded with an easy to understand GUI.
  • Runs sleekly on all versions of the Windows Operating System.

2. User Interface

As quickly as you start the ShDataRescue EML File Converter, you will see the following GUI.

User Interface

2.1 Button

  • Add Files button Add Files: You can use this button to add various EML files that you want to transform.
  • Add Files button Add folder: Using the Add Folder button, you can easily attach different folders including EML files.
  • Remove Files button Remove Files: The Remove Files button is used to remove particular EML files from the chosen list.
  • Remove Files button Remove all: To remove all your EML files which you have selected earlier then you can click on the Remove All button.
  • Remove Files button Save: The Save button helps users to save the migrated files in their System.
  • Remove Files button Close: To stop given or running procedure click on the Close button.

3. Software Order

The software can be easily acquired by making an online payment. Go to the purchase page and put an order. As soon as you make a payment and download the full version of the software from the Purchase section. Hit the Purchase button. After that, we will send you an activation key on your email, which you can next use to activate the software.

4. Activate Software

Once you buy the software, you will get an Order Number via an Email message. Enter the order number in the Registration window to initiate the full version of ShDataRescue EML File Converter Software.

Click on the launch button of the ShDataRescue EML Converter tool in your computer, the software registration dialog window will popup on your screen to insert the software authentication key.

Elect the "I don't have Authentication Code" checkbox. Enter the subsequent fields;

I don't have authentication code

Email Address: In this area, you require to insert your email address, which you have used to register the EML Converter Software.

Email Address

Order Number: Here you need to enter the Order Number which has been given to you at the time of buying the software.

Path to save the file: Choose the path where you want to save the .info file.

Once you click on "Get Authentication Code", by default a .info file will be stored on the desktop of your computer. Send the .info file generated by the software at support@Shdatarescue.com, after getting .info file the sales staff will send you software activation key within a few minutes.

Get info file

5. Software Working

5.1. Add Files

  • Click on the Add files as provided in the picture.
    Add files
  • Select the EML file(s) that you want to transform.
  • & agree on the Ok button as soon as the records have been successfully added.
    All files added successfully

5.2. Add folders

  • Click on the Add Folder Tab as exposed in the image.
    Add folder
  • Pick the Folder(s) comprising EML files from your machine.
  • Hit the Ok button later the files have been successfully added to your software.

5.3. Converting & Saving the Files

  • Choose the file format in which you want to store the converted EML files from the Select Saving Option.
    Select Saving Option
  • Select the saving location where you want to save the converted files.

5.4. Filter Dates Option

  • Use the date filter option to make a selective conversion.
    date filter
  • Or you can use the Naming Convention to choose the format in which you want to name the converted files.
  • and click on the Apply button.

5.5. How to Log In (For Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo & IMAP)

  • If you want to send the files in either of the email clients then you will have to Sign in with your id & password.
  • So enter the Email ID and Password that you use and agree on login.
    Log in

5.6. Finishing the Conversion

  • Click the Ok button as quickly as the software completes the saving process.
    Saving process
  • After terminating the software, you can still view the files that have been converted.

6. Installation

  • Download the ShDataRescue EML Converter software from the below-mentioned link.
  • Install the software on your computer by making a double click on the .exe file.
  • Follow the steps on the setup wizard to install the application.
  • After completion of the setup wizard, a dialog box will appear with a message of completion of the setup.
  • Click Finish to launch the software on your System.

7. Uninstallation

To uninstall the software from your System two methods are explained below:

7.1. Uninstall from Control Panel.

To uninstall ShDataRescue EML Converter from Control Panel, follow the below-presented steps:

  • Click on Start Menu.
  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Select Add/Remove Programs icon (double click to select).
  • Select ShDataRescue EML Converter Tool v19.0 and click on the Remove option.
  • Click Yes to uninstall on the displayed warning message, the software will be completely uninstalled from your System.

7.2. Uninstall from the Windows Start menu

To uninstall ShDataRescue EML Converter tool from the Windows Start menu, follow the below-given steps:

  • Click on Start? a button from the Windows menu.
  • Select All Programs> > Right click on the ShDataRescue EML Converter > Select Uninstall.
  • A warning message will pop up saying “do you want to completely uninstall the software”; Click Yes to completely uninstall the software from your System.

8. How to

9. Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I export the EML files to Gmail?

    Yes, the tool offers to export EML files directly to other email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

  • How to convert EML to PDF?

    Follow the steps:
    Download & launch the software.
    Select the EML files you want to convert to PDF.
    Choose file format as PDF from drop down format list.
    Select the saving location and click ok to start the conversion process.
    Click OK after the conversion process gets finished.

  • Which Win OS this EML converter supports?

    ShDataRescue EML Converter is compatible with all the newest and older versions of Windows OS.

  • Is there any requirement for prior technical knowledge?

    There is no need of any prior tech knowledge to use the software. The tool comes with user-friendly GUI which allows both technical or non-technical user to access the software.