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Now easily manage multiple PDF files with one of the best PDF manager tool. The all-new ShDataRescue PDF Manager offers the ultimate multifunctional PDF management toolkit to deal with various complicated operations on a PDF document. It allows to Split a single PDF file into multiple parts, Merge Multiple PDF documents into a single PDF file, Protect/Encrypt PDF file with a password or Unlock/Remove security restrictions from a PDF document, Extract PDF contents like images or text or font from PDF file, Convert single or multiple PDF documents to an image file, HTML format or into text. Using this advanced PDF manager for windows you can simply modify or alter the required PDF file according to your need and save them at your desired location on your computer. You can easily Split, Merge, Password Encrypt, Remove password or Unlock, Extract and Convert single or multiple PDF documents at a single shot. The PDF document manager tool can perform any of these complex 6 operations on Adobe Acrobat PDF files. The tool supports upto 1 GB of PDF file document and is compatible with all PDF files created by different Adobe Acrobat versions.

Manage PDF Documents Using Online PDF Document Editor

  • Smart PDF file manager software comprises of excellent PDF management tools.
  • Perform 6 different complex operations on a PDF document in one place.
  • Quickly Split a large PDF file into multiple smaller parts.
  • Merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF document without any hassle.
  • Smoothly Unlock or Remove security restrictions from a password protected PDF file.
  • It also allows you to Add or Protect PDF files with passwords.
  • With this PDF document manager, you can pull out or extract PDF items like Images, Text or Font.
  • Efficiently Convert PDF document content to Image, Text or HTML format.
  • With smart algorithms of this wizard, you can manage PDF files data without any data modification or data manipulation.
  • Offers different choices for splitting PDF files.
  • Online manage PDF files using PDF manager online tool.
  • User-friendly GUI for both technical or non-technical users.
  • Allows altering meta description of the file during PDF file management operations.
  • Support all PDF files created with different editions of Adobe Acrobat.
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and earlier versions.


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PDF Manager

Advantages of ShDataRescue PDF Manager Pro utility for PDF Management System

Free PDF file manager utility works effectively to manage different PDF file challenges

Perform Multiple Operations on PDF
Perform Multiple Operations on PDF

The tool has many flexible options to execute different functions easily. You can convert PDF to image or text, Extract from PDF document, Split PDF files and Protect or Unlock PDF. All these multiple operations can be done in one place with the help of the ShDataRescue PDF file manager.

Divide/Split PDF file
Divide/Split PDF file

Sometimes large size PDF file creates unnecessary problems in PDF document. So by splitting them into smaller parts, you can get rid of severe issues like corruption. And PDF manager tool offers a split function to break large size PDF files into small chunks.

Merge Multiple PDF documents
Merge Multiple PDF documents

Merging PDF files into a single PDF document can also be done using this free PDF file manager software. It allows merging multiple PDF files into one PDF file in a hassle-free manner.

Encrypt PDF Document
Encrypt PDF Document

If you want to add some security restrictions over a PDF document then you can use protect PDF feature of this PDF management software. Users can perform encryption actions by adding a password to the PDF document. It offers to add both user or owner password to keep the PDF file safe and secure from unauthorized users or hackers.

Unlock or Remove Password
Unlock or Remove Password

The high-class algorithms of the PDF manager software can smartly unlock or remove encryption from a password-protected PDF document. You can simply add PDF to the software and enter the previous PDF password and after the unlocking process, the new PDF file will be saved to your computer without a password or any security restrictions.

Extract PDF File Content
Extract PDF File Content

The action of extraction to pull out a PDF document content can also be performed by using this tool successfully. You can extract PDF file content like Images(PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP), Text, and Font.

Convert PDF file data
Convert PDF file data

This effective feature allows the user to briskly convert PDF file data items into other formats or extensions like Image(png, jpeg, BMP, gif), Text and HTML format. It simply converts and saves the PDF data in the selected format.

Display PDF Details
Display PDF Details

As you select the PDF file from your System, the software displays that PDF file information on the screen like file name, file size, File version, Author, Number of pages, subject, title, etc.

Different Splitting options
Different Splitting options

The PDF Manager tool offers multiple PDF split options to divide a single PDF file into multiple parts. Users can split PDF files on the basis of the number of pages, split by PDF size, split by page range and even or odd pages.

PDF merge arrangement options
PDF merge arrangement options

Using this prominent feature of the software you can arrange the PDF files in a user-specified order by using up, down, Move last, Move first buttons. It works with the merge option in the PDF management toolkit.

Modify File description properties
Modify File description properties

This feature allows the user to alter or make changes in the PDF file description. You can easily change the Meta Data properties of the PDF file like Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, etc.

Image Extraction
Image Extraction

With the help of the Extract PDF option, you can easily extract images of the PDF document and save them in a different location on your computer. The tool allows to pull out different image formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP, and GIF from the PDF document.

Desired Path to save file
Desired Path to save file

The tool always gives the option to choose the path where you want to store the output files in your System. With this, you will be able to manage and store the resultant files at your desired location.

Wide Windows & Adobe Acrobat compatibility
Wide Windows & Adobe Acrobat compatibility

ShDataRescue PDF Manager Software supports all versions of Windows OS from win 10, win 8.1, to the earlier version. Additionally, it supports all the PDF files created by using different editions of Adobe Acrobat.

Technical Overview

Need for PDF Management tools

In today’s scenario, everyone wants to work smarter and faster. And the same applies when we talk about managing multiple pdfs in our daily routine. If you store most of your business documents in PDF format then certainly you must require an advanced PDF manager for windows to manage your multiple PDF documents. Because handling a large number of PDF documents requires a lot of time and no one of us wants to waste time doing these boring stuff. Therefore need for best PDF manager software arises. Using this utility users can easily perform different complex operations on a PDF document like split, merge, convert, extract, unlock or protect within no time. The tool has several other features too like splitting PDF on the basics of pages: even, odd, range, by page number, etc. It offers to edit PDF file description which includes title, keywords, author, subject, etc. Hence this PDF management toolkit offers effective and reliable PDF tools to manage and save PDF files in the desired file structure.

Multiple PDF Management Programs

You can easily perform 6 different complicated PDF operations on a PDF file with the help of this PDF document management software. Let’s check out different PDF management programs:

  • Split Large PDF - By this option, the user can break down oversized PDF files into smaller parts. Users can split PDF with different options like split by page number, Sp0lit by page range, Split by Odd or even pages, etc. Doing this helps the PDF owner to manage large PDF documents in a better way.
  • Merge Multiple PDFs - This function perform merging of multiple PDF files into a single document within no time. Users can merge different pdfs into one PDF file to store their work in one place.
  • Protect PDF File - Since every user prefers data security on top of everything, so the tool offers this prominent feature to make a PDF file encrypted with a password. Doing this makes the PDF more secure and safe from outsiders. You can add a user password or owner password as per your wish on single as well as multiple PDF documents.
  • Unlock or Remove Password - Not only locking PDF with a password but this multi-functional tool offers to unlock a PDF file from security restrictions. You can easily remove password security from single or multiple PDF files at once.
  • Extract PDF data - PDF Manager helps to extract PDF content by performing the extraction process over the selected PDF files. You can add single or multiple PDF files to the software and the tool very smartly extract images(png, jpeg, BMP, gif), Text and Font from the PDF documents.
  • Convert PDF document - Now convert PDF online by using an online PDF converter. This function of the PDF manager allows the user to convert a PDF file or document into image, Text, or HTML format. You can add single or multiple pdfs to the software and convert them as per your requirement.

Comparison Table of Free and Full Versions

Features compiled in PDF file manager free download version

Product Details Free Paid
Extract PDF file data
Split large PDF file option
Merge multiple PDF files into single PDF
Conversion of PDF document
Save PDF Files With Watermark Without Watermark
Encrypt PDF file with password
Unlock or remove password from PDF file
Multiple PDF splitting options
Allows to add user password
Option to protect PDF with owner password
Display PDF information
Extract Font from PDF document
Supports all versions of Windows OS and Adobe Acrobat
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Price Free $49
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Trial Limitations

Get the PDF manager software free download from the authorized website of ShDataRescue and evaluate the tool for free. But there are some limitation comes with the demo editions that you can not extract fonts from the PDF document and also the tool saves the PDF files with watermark. So to access all the features of the PDF manager and to save the original PDF file without watermark upgrade the utility to full version PDF editor software.