Your Privacy is Our Priority

ShdataRescue bothers about your security. Your data security is our preference and we secure all the details entered by our customers. We take users information, just to keep them updated with our latest services and software. The users are also served with the latest trends and technologies which are created daily. We do not make any fraudulent use of the user’s information. The information is taken for the welfare of our customers.

Is there any compulsion to enter information?

No, it is not mandatory to enter details. The user can view the pages of our website without entering any kind of details. If the user doesn’t want to give any kind of information to us then it would cost nothing to the company. The details are only entered for the welfare of the user. The company provides various offers and information if it has the user’s Email I.D and contact number.

Is it safe to give personal details?

Yes, it is safe to enter your personal details on our website. We comply with the IT Act 2000 and follow all the rules and regulations provided by it. Your details are secured with us and we do not take any undue advantage of your information. The details entered by the visitors are protected with a password and only authoritative employees have the right to make any access to it.

Policy of Payment

The details entered by the user during the purchase process are shown in an encrypted form to us. We don’t have any right to access it. It is totally safe to enter your financial details during the payment process. ShdataRescue doesn’t sell or distribute your information to any third party. Your payment is totally safe and secure.

Purpose of taking Information

  1. Online Order- The medium of orders we get is through online mode. So we send the order details on User’s Email I.D and phone number. The detail includes “Date and Time of Order”, Order’s Confirmation”, “Tracking code”, and “Ordered Product”. The sales team will send you all the details on the information provided by you.
  2. Technical Guidance- If the user faces any technical issue then he just have to contact us and one of our technical executives will sort out his issues via email or call.
  3. Updating Customers- As the technology is dynamic in nature so we send the day to day updates to our customers on their email I.D. We want our customers to move with the latest trends
  4. Security- We also want to confirm whether the customer is coming from an authentic source or not. This also clarifies the motive of the visitor whether he is actually interested in buying the software or he has some unlawful intention. ShdataRescue will not be responsible if the user faces any security issues. We can only assure you security but we cannot take any kind of claim.