1. Overview

ShDataRescue is a self-sufficient tool that very effectively split large PDF files into smaller parts without any data loss. It offers to divide oversized PDF files on the basis of file size, range, number of pages, even pages or odd pages. Using this tool you can smoothly break PDF files into small PDF documents. With its smart algorithms, the tool is capable enough to extract required pages from a large PDF files and save them into multiple PDF files.

Key features of the Tool:

  • Quickly split large PDF files into small PDF files.
  • Divide PDF file of any size without any hassle.
  • Break on the basis of the page number, even pages, odd pages.
  • You can apply a password to the new PDF files after the splitting process.
  • Support for various PDF files created by different versions of Adobe Acrobat.
  • Compatible with all editions of Windows OS.

Software Requirements

  • Pentium class processor.
  • 50 MB for software installation.
  • RAM - Minimum 512 MB(1 GB recommended).
  • Disk Space- Enough disk space to store resultant files.

2. User Interface

As soon as you install and open ShDataRescue PDF Splitter over your machine, the first window you have to interact with a user-friendly GUI is shown below:

User Interface

2.1 Button

  • Select PDF: Using this button you can add a PDF file to the software that you want to split.
  • Next: Use to button to move to the next step in the software.
  • Add: Use this to add date from the date filter option.
  • Close: Using this button will make you exit the software.
  • Back: Use this button to go back to the previous step in the software.
  • Home: This button will take you to the home window of the software.
  • Split: Use this button to start the splitting process.
  • Stop: This button will stop the split operation.
  • Help: Use this button to open the Software guide.
  • About: To know the software details use this button.

3. Software Order

The Tool can be purchased by making Online Payments. You have to click on the link given below to order the software. As soon after making a payment, by pressing the purchase button, we will send you an activation key on your email. You can use this key for activating the software.

4. Activate Software

Once you buy the software, you will get an Order Number via an Email message. Enter the order number in the Registration window to initiate the full version of the ShDataRescue PDF Splitter Tool.

Click on the launch button of the ShDataRescue PDF Splitter in your computer, the software registration dialog window will popup on your screen to insert the software authentication key.

Elect the "I don't have Authentication Code" checkbox. Enter the subsequent fields;

I don't have authentication code

Email Address: In this area, you require to insert your email address, which you have used to register the PDF Splitter Software.

Email Address

Order Number: Here you need to enter the Order Number which has been given to you at the time of buying the software.

Path to save the file: Choose the path where you want to save the .info file. Once you click on "Get Authentication Code", by default a .info file will be stored on the desktop of your computer. Send the .info file generated by the software at support@Shdatarescue.com, after getting the .info file the sales staff will send you a software activation key within a few minutes.

Get info file

5. Software Working

Easy steps to split a large PDF file into smaller chunks on windows os:

5.1. Split PDF File by Size

  • Step 1: Download and launch ShDataRescue PDF Splitter. Add files

  • Step 2: Hit Select PDF button and after that select PDF file from your desktop and click open to add them in the software. All files added successfully

  • Step 3:Here you will see the complete PDF file information. Click NEXT. All files added successfully

  • Step 4: Now select the PDF split option from the list. Click NEXT. All files added successfully

  • Step 5: Now edit PDF file descriptions like Title, Author, etc. Add a password to the PDF file(if want to). Select the destination path and click SPLIT to start the splitting process. All files added successfully

  • Step 6: You can see the process in the progress bar. Click STOP if you want to abort the splitting process. All files added successfully

  • Step 7: Here you will receive a confirmation message as the process gets finished. All files added successfully

  • Step 8: Click Ok and exit the software. All files added successfully

5.2. Split PDF by No. of Pages

  • Open PDF Splitter.
  • Select PDF files that you want to split.
  • Choose PDF SPlit option and click next. select file
  • Select the splitting options and click split to start the process.
  • Click OK after the PDF split operation gets completed and close the software.

5.3. Split PDF by Range

This option will split pdf according to the range of page numbers given to the software in the required fields.

  • Run PDF Splitter tool.
  • Select the large PDF that you want to divide.
  • Choose the PDF Split option and click next. Select Saving Option
  • Edit PDF file description and Add PDF password(IF WANT TO).
  • Select the output file destination and hit the split button.

5.4. Split PDF by Selected pages

If you pick this option you will get the output files according to the page number given.

  • Start ShDataRescue PDF Splitter.
  • Add the PDF that you want to break into smaller parts.
  • Now choose the PDF split option. Click Next. Select Saving Option
  • Choose other options and click the split button.
  • Click OK and exit the software.

5.5. Split PDF by Even pages

This will generate single PDF files that only contain even pages of the original PDF file.

  • Select Saving Option

5.6. Split PDF by odd pages

If you choose this then after splitting process single PDFs will be stored on your computer that only contains odd pages of the original PDF.

  • Select Saving Option

6. Installation

  • Download the ShDataRescue PDF Splitter from the below-mentioned link.
  • Install the software on your computer by making a double click on the .exe file.
  • Follow the steps on the setup wizard to install the application.
  • After completion of the setup wizard, a dialog box will appear with a message of completion of the setup.
  • Click Finish to launch the software on your System.

7. Uninstallation

To uninstall the software from your System two methods are explained below:

7.1. Uninstall from Control Panel.

To uninstall the ShDataRescue PDF Splitter from the Control Panel, follow the below-presented steps:

  • Click on the Start Menu.
  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Select Add/Remove Programs icon (double click to select).
  • Select the software and click on the Remove option.
  • Click Yes to uninstall on the displayed warning message, the software will be completely uninstalled from your System.

7.2. Uninstall from the Windows Start menu

To uninstall the ShDataRescue PDF Splitter from the Windows Start menu, follow the below-given steps:

  • Click on Start, a button from the Windows menu.
  • Select All Programs> > Right-click on the ShDataRescue PDF Splitter>Select Uninstall.
  • A warning message will pop up saying “do you want to completely uninstall the software”; Click Yes to completely uninstall the software from your System.

8. How to

9. FAQs